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I have known Jason for thirteen years and trained with him between 2001 to 2005 after which time we parted ways for him to continue expanding his knowledge of Wing Chun while I served with the British Army and in the police. During our time training together we learned from two instructors who had a wealth of experience in the applications of martial arts in military, police and close protection contexts.

The training we received reflected this fact. I can confidently state that Jason has a depth of knowledge and training experience that you would be hard pressed to find in any corner of the UK. This is matched by his sense of humour and positive attitude towards training and life in general. Good martial artists are not necessarily always good instructors, but Jason has an uncommon mixture of both
qualities which would inspire any student of any age or ability. I also previously trained with other WCK UK Instructors and can state that the common thread that links them all is their love of Wing Chun, and their desire to impart their knowledge to others. He belongs to an excellent association looking to expand and develop the application of an ancient, effective martial art to the demands of modern society.

Former Fellow Student, Serving Police Officer

Testimonial for Sanderstead Wing Chun

I have had the pleasure of training with and being taught by Sifu Jason. He is a true Martial Artist and has dedicated his life to Wing Chun. Having trained in many other systems before training with Jason and understanding from my own years of experience I can honesty say that Jason’s approach to teaching Wing Chun is practical, effective and no nonsense. One thing you can be certain of when choosing a school under WCK UK is that their instructors skills have been put to the test.

Adam, BMAI Kickboxing/Self Protection Instructor & Student

Testimonial for Sanderstead Wing Chun

I met Jason on the set of 47 Ronin, and his passion and enthusiasm for Wing Chun really struck me. He’s a very friendly and approachable guy, willing to teach anyone who’s interested in Wing Chun. We trained on the set and I was impressed by his ability just get right into the zone despite us being around other people. We trained in canteen, on set, almost everywhere, at any chance. Jason makes you feel comfortable no matter where you are. I highly recommend him!

James, Editor at Channel 5

Testimonial for Caterham Wing Chun

Having been taught by Jason myself I can confidently say that when choosing to learn Wing Chun with the WCK UK you are making the right decision. Being such a laid back guy who’s attention to the finer details is second to none you sure to gain the best possible experience and understanding of the mental and physical aspects of this martial art. His willingness to help others and professional attitude will make sure your learning environment is one where you feel safe, relaxed and confident in your teacher and in yourself. I highly recommend him as I know his motivation to teach is due to his passion for the art it’s self. He will have you flowing like water!

Testimonial for Sanderstead Wing Chun